Organising Partners

Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Finance, Economy & Planning

To further economic growth and stability, Equatorial Guinea is determined to foster private sector activities in sectors considered strategic, including tourism, transport, agriculture, maritime & fisheries, and ICT.

Broad efforts have been made by the Ministry for the Finance, Economy & Planning to improve the business climate through a national committee to spearhead reforms, the expansion of training opportunities, new investor-friendly policies  and increased efficiency of public services.

The Equatoguinean government has established a co-investment national fund that will support national and foreign private initiatives in the productive sectors of critical importance, whose capital amounts to a billion dollars.

Brains Innovation Summits

AfricanBrains is the lead organising partner appointed by the Government of Equatorial Guinea to oversee the content, intellectual program and investor participation of the Economic, Trade & Investment Summit 2020.

AfricanBrains is also acting as the lead international organisation to promote the 2019 program of Advancing EG that includes global media awareness and public relations.

AfricanBrains is the originator of Africa’s leading high level ministerial and industry forum for education, innovation and investment in ICT technologies: Innovation Africa