Economic, Trade & Investment Summit 2020

Malabo, March 2020

The ETIS 2020 economic, trade and investment summit marks a key point in Equatorial Guinea’s economic development drive, Horizon 2020, to advance economic diversification, strengthen the economy and generate new partnerships.

The government has a long history of major partnership projects and is ready to open the economy to non-petroleum investment opportunities. Great strides have been made in developing some of Africa’s best facilities, public buildings, social housing and transport infrastructure, as well as offering a one-stop-shop for ease of business for investors.

The Sub-Saharan African region is becoming a global leader in developing and adopting innovative solutions to overcome challenges of poverty, underdeveloped infrastructures and skills shortages. This drive to leapfrog barriers has led to above average growth, economic diversification and the emergence of a promising new technology sector in the region.

As for many African economies, Equatorial Guinea recognises the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution, moving from commodity dependence to leveraging the benefits of innovation, not only for a sustainable energy market, but also through economic diversification and enhanced productivity across a wide range of existing and new industries. With its improved infrastructure and investor environment, Equatorial Guinea is set to capitalise on its natural beauty, favourable location and climate, technology skills sector and evolution of digital connectivity to become an investment hub in the region for tourism, shipping, agriculture, finance and renewable energy.

The ETIS 2020 summit is a unique opportunity for investors and industry leaders to share in the national programme for economic transformation in Equatorial Guinea and engage with ministers and senior government officials to explore and develop private-public partnerships through

  • an official ministerial forum
  • presentations from leading experts and opinion formers on investment opportunities in Equatorial Guinea and the Africa region
  • meetings-based format of pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers

Where: Sipopo Convention Centre, Malabo
When: March 2020