Advancing Equatorial Guinea in 2019

Equatorial Guinea is fast becoming one of the leading countries in Africa for international investors due to its wealth of natural resources, forward-thinking economic strategies and political stability.

With over two decades of economic growth and a history of productive international investment partnerships, Equatorial Guinea is making great strides in its economic development initiative, Horizon 2020, in improvements to the country’s infrastructure, human capital, governance and social wellbeing.

Building on this progress, 2019 heralds the year of Advancing EG to explore a wide range of development opportunities across an abundance of industries including agriculture, renewable energy, tourism, finance and a rapidly evolving digital service sector.

ETIS 2019 – Economic, Trade & Investment Summit 2019

In October 2019, ETIS 2019 brings together African Heads of State and Ministers of Finance and Trade & Industry for a major summit on the national dialogue on economic development in Equatorial Guinea.

Over the last 15 years, many Sub-Saharan African economies have enjoyed unprecedented growth despite development challenges of persistent poverty, underdeveloped infrastructures and skills shortages. This remarkable growth stems from a regional drive to leapfrog barriers using economic diversification and new technology.

ETIS 2019 offers an opportunity to join the discussion and explore the range of possibilities in Equatorial Guinea to leverage the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Equatorial Guinea National Dialogue

The government of Equatorial Guinea has created new incentives to eradicate poverty, increase productivity and advance social inclusion. To push forward the national agenda, the government seeks to attract investment by improving governance, building modern infrastructure in all main cities and connecting the country with advanced telecommunications networks.

The government will share plans and progress on the adoption of the ease of business roadmap at a special forum taking place in April 2019. Key successes to date include the initiation of a household survey of Equatoguineans and census of the private sector, as well as laying the groundwork for sectoral investments, notably in agriculture, tourism, maritime, shipping & logistics, finance and renewable energies.

Connecting Equatorial Guinea to Global Investors

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    Investment in modern infrastructure & new technologies

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    Economic development through innovation & non-oil diversification

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    Commitment to sustainability & good governance

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    Investment in education, health & capital

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